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Every groundbreaking App begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At AppFab , we are developing local community apps that allow the local traders to promote their services and the local community to have all that information plus events, special offers and information all easily accessible, close at hand on their cell phones.
A natural progression from these beginnings has taken place whereby those very same traders are asking us to develop apps for their businesses and of course linking these to the local community apps!

From "Community Apps" to individual "Business Apps"

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Changing Lives One Download at a Time

Welcome to AppFab

Gone are the days when consumers had to get out of bed to go to their computers to play their favorite computer games or perform simple searches. With our innovative mobile technology, consumers can now gain access to everything they need and want from wherever they are. AppFab offers you the business owner listings on their community apps which are rolling out nationwide. AppFab also opens the door to businesses small and large to develop and own their own apps at a cost that will not break the bank!

Cape Town, South Africa